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New York Paper Shredding Service

New York Paper Shredding Service is dedicated to helping businesses and homes get the right shredding service to match their security requirements and budget. We know that your information is valuable and requires a high level of security and care but every job must be done on a reasonable budget.

About New York Paper Shredding Service

New York Paper Shredding Service offers several flexible shredding service options to customers in New York City. We’ll help keep you secure with affordable shredding service options, no matter the size of the job.

A professional shredding service is the best solution when it comes to throwing out documents containing private information. Businesses that fail to do so are often failing to be compliant with New York and federal privacy laws, while homes that do not shred personal documents before tossing them open themselves up to a number of risks, including identity theft.

Does My Household Need a Shredding Service?
Many households fail to shred their sensitive documents before throwing them out because they assume that these documents are secure in residential trash. But criminals are well-aware of this common mistake, and know to target residential trash before targeting businesses. Learn more about protecting your home with a residential shredding service today by clicking here.

Never compromise on your or your New York business’ security‚ÄĒschedule your shredding services today! We’ll help you ensure your safety with any one of our convenient service options so that you don’t have to worry about your information ending up in the wrong hands.

Protect your home and business from data breaches and theft with New York Paper Shredding Service today. We make the process easy so you can relax and feel reassured about your security. Call us at (212) 918-1863 or fill out the form to the top of the page to request a free quote.

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New York Shredding Services

We understand how unique each shredding job can be. That’s why New York Paper Shredding Service offers a variety of service options to meet your shredding needs. Here’s a look at some different services:

Mobile Shredding

A shredding truck will travel to your location, at which a technician will shred all documents provided and immediately transport them to a paper mill. This option allows for you to witness your documents being shredded.

Off Site

A truck comes to collect your documents and take them directly to a secure facility for destruction. This cost-effective option is compliant with New York privacy laws.

Hard Drive

Information stored on hard drives risk causing a data breach. Even if you think you’ve deleted your files, data can still be recovered from a discarded hard drive. Our contractors destroy your hard drives and melt them down for recycling so that your safety is without question.

Service Options Available in New York

You can set up recurring schedules for your regular shredding needs, or have your documents shredded as needed. You choose from:

  • One-time Purge Service: This flexible service works well for those who only have one or occasional shredding projects. 
  • Ongoing Service: This service is convenient for those who have weekly, monthly, or quarterly shredding requirements. Free, locked containers are supplied for you to store your documents meant for destruction in until a driver visits your location at the regularly scheduled time to shred your documents.